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Laptop Creative Project Management



Not only am I wildly passionate about creative development, but I am also able to think analytically about the bottom line and use data to lead projects and teams to award-winning success.


I have designed, developed, and deployed global practices for the organizational, financial, and creative functions of companies. The business operations solutions I have developed include things such as: 

  • CRM and Vendor Databases 

  • Sales Pipelines

  • Project Management Tracking Solutions 

  • Collaborative Environments for Remote Teams

  • Employee Training Manuals 

  • Digital Contract Tracking for Legal Support 

  • Unique Job Tracking Tools for P&L Support & Digital Filing Structures

Using my understanding of business operations, and flexing my passion for design, I've also developed custom-branded sales collateral and creative project support materials such as:

  • Creative Briefs 

  • Pitch Decks / Presentations 

  • Mood Boards / Look Books 

  • Production Guidebooks for internal and client-facing needs

  • Case Study Booklets and "leave-behind" collateral 

  • Branded Client Gifts 

  • Websites & Sub-Pages for Client Portals 

These tools are used to effectively communicate KPIs and lead interdisciplinary teams through the execution of custom brand campaigns and digital content publishing. 

By implementing custom-built processes based on unique business needs and using scalable solutions I have helped companies: 

  • Celebrate a 29% increase in the value of total sales year over year

  • Systemize processes for generating estimates and P&L forecasting reports, resulting in a 20% increase in annual income within 1 year

  • Produce Award-Winning digital content

  • Retain Client & Vendor relationships for many years 

Creative Producer
Presentation Designer 
Business Development Manager
Operations Executive 
  • Process Development & Management
  • CRM & Vendor Database Management
  • HR, Legal and Accounting Practices Development & Management
  • Sales Support 
  • Creative Project Management
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