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SheKnows Homergency is an Emmy-Award-winning charitable home makeover series dedicated to changing the life of one deserving family by transforming their house into a brand new home. In just under one week, our designers & and crew will gut the entire house and give the family a space that is more functional, efficient, and enjoyable for years to come!

This season of Homergency our designers are helping The Campuzano Family. Michelle Campuzano and her son David have endured a battle for survival over 15 years that includes 31 brain surgeries and a struggle with epilepsy and cerebral palsy.


Since David is also very prone to seizures, he must sleep next to Michelle in her bed so she can sense them. They have been on a waiting list for a seizure dog for 7 years. With the help of LG Electronics, our designers are coming to the rescue to give them a home that is handicap-accessible and functioning so Michelle and David can focus on what really matters, each other. We will also be gifting them with a service dog, so they can finally have their own space to enjoy as well. 


Leading with profound empathy and a deep emotional drive to go above and beyond, I was able to leverage the charitable kindness of the community to secure additional construction materials and personal gifts for this family that far exceeded the original scope requested in LG's creative brief. 


These gifts and donations made a visible impact on the production value of this video series, but the true celebration stemmed from the way this project brought together the entire company at SheKnows. After putting out a call for volunteers to our internal teammates, members from all departments, as well as friends and family all came out to offer up their time, lend support, and leave their mark on this once-in-a-lifetime project. 

As the Creative Producer for this video campaign, I was responsible for managing all the volunteers, vendors, designers, and production crew and maintaining the perspective of the creative objectives of the LG brand team. I developed the show structure, and talking points for our designers and campaigned to strategically use our production budget to make the biggest impact possible, by gifting a service dog to the family. 


This project will forever be one of my favorite professional opportunities I've ever been given. I can only hope to find more of these kinds of emotionally impactful stories to bring to life in the future. 

LG Electronics
Creative Producer / Director
  • Pitch Deck / Production Book Design
  • Creative Development 
  • Video Production
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