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I'm an award-winning Senior Creative Producer with a knack for turning visionary concepts into reality. With a background spanning video production, graphic design, and business operations, I excel in creative problem-solving.


My strength lies in harmonizing analytical thinking and abstract creativity to lead, mentor, and inspire cross-functional teams. I thrive on data-driven approaches, transforming intricate ideas into actionable strategies for success.


I'm all about the details and possess a fervent work ethic. My portfolio showcases my ability to lead diverse projects and deliver high-quality content across digital platforms. I'm passionate about digital storytelling, crafting custom concepts for branding, marketing, and advertising, and adept at client and agency collaboration. My negotiation skills have led to successful large-scale digital media campaigns.


Throughout my career, I've driven creative excellence, fostering collaboration and implementing art style guides to maintain impeccable quality and consistency.


Core strengths:

  • Cultivating creative communities.

  • Distilling complexity into actionable steps.

  • Crafting unforgettable interactive experiences.

  • Leading with radical candor and authenticity.

My extensive experience includes collaborations with major brands like Facebook Gaming, Meta, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, NFL, P&G, P.F. Chang's, and T-Mobile.

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