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As a Senior Video Producer on the Partnerships Marketing team supporting Facebook Gaming, I played a pivotal role in the monumental 2022-2023 Facebook Gaming Creator Campaign. This global initiative encompassed a vast array of digital assets, spanning videos for social activation across diverse platforms and engaging banner ads.

My primary focus was on ensuring the impeccable quality of each individual asset. Collaborating seamlessly with Meta's digital and design team, I helped craft a creative strategy for execution that underpinned the campaign's success. The campaign's global reach demanded assets in multiple languages, accommodating diverse audiences worldwide.

I took the reins in managing an external vendor agency, overseeing the flawless execution of campaign collateral. From initial development to full-scale deployment, I orchestrated the campaign's video asset lifecycle, including a successful refresh for its second activation later in the year.


To enhance communication and consolidate stakeholder feedback, I designed an efficient tracking system that ensured a seamless QA process. Additionally, I actively contributed to the selection of creator assets, ensuring that only the highest quality and most relevant content took center stage. This was particularly crucial given the recent release of Facebook Gaming's new brand identity system, which I diligently maintained across all deliverables.

This project, the largest in Facebook Gaming history at the time, exemplified my capacity to manage complex, global initiatives while upholding the utmost standards of quality, brand identity, and creative excellence. 

Partnerships Marketing
Facebook Gaming
Senior Video Producer 
  • Brand Identity / Art Direction Support
  • Creative Development 
  • Video Production (Remote)
  • Vendor Management
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