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During my tenure as Senior Video Producer on Meta's Partnerships Marketing team, where I provided unwavering support to Facebook Gaming, I embarked on a transformative project that underscored my passion for social content creation and education.

Our mission was clear: to bolster the Facebook Gaming Creator Bootcamp site, a vital resource for gaming creators. Collaborating closely with the marketing lead, we initiated a comprehensive inventory assessment of the existing social and educational videos. Our goal was to revamp the site, infusing it with fresh, relevant, and engaging content while aligning it with the new Facebook Gaming brand identity, as part of the Creator Campaign.


Over the course of just a few months, our team meticulously refreshed and produced dozens of videos. These videos encompassed a diverse range of content, including user-generated material and professionally captured footage from remote shoots. My role was multifaceted, focusing on elevating the quality of each video. I ensured that scripts were not only informative but also engaging, while graphics were polished to perfection.


One of the project's key highlights was the invaluable partnership we formed with gaming creators on the Facebook Gaming platform. Their insights and contributions were instrumental in shaping the educational content, creating a foundation for learning that resonated with our audience. We maintained a consistent structure across the video collection, providing viewers with a structured and informative learning experience.


This project exemplified my ability to produce impactful social content, collaborate seamlessly with content creators, and engage third-party vendor agencies to deliver branded content for social activation. Our ultimate objective was to attract more gaming creators to join the platform, and I'm proud to have played a pivotal role in achieving this goal.


My passion for generating educational content and my dedication to refining and streamlining the learning journey shine through in this project. It remains a testament to my commitment to producing content that not only informs but also empowers and inspires. Explore this segment of my portfolio to witness the impact of our collaborative efforts in the world of gaming.

Partnerships Marketing
Facebook Gaming
Developers Community
Senior Video Producer 
  • Brand Identity / Art Direction Support
  • Creative Development 
  • Video Production (Remote)
  • Vendor Management
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