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Allison Mandell came to me with a show concept in need of a visual identity to help support the process of pitching the idea to broadcast networks. Eager to get something polished in hand for her meeting just 72 hours later, we hopped on a call to get all the details in one place. After a quick collaborative brainstorming session together, I was off to the races to develop a look and feel for this comedic travelogue show concept. 

First, I narrowed in on a mood board, collecting font styles, color palettes, and photography samples to set the tone. Next, I created a wireframe of an outline for each page and began assembling it. 

After a few quick rounds of review and more collaboration on photo selections, we finally landed on a version that was sure to turn some heads. 

Allison pitched her show and landed Queen Latifah as an Executive Producer for the concept on the spot! Then, just a few months later, Allison and Electus celebrated the announcement that Vudu would be the ones to broadcast the show as part of their flagship lineup of original content in the coming year. It was pretty thrilling to see this show grow legs and be off to the races so quickly! (And, to see a banner I designed at a conference for TechCrunch!


Excited for Allison, Electus, and their partners and eager to tune into this show once it airs. Stay tuned! 

Allison Mandell / Electus
Presentation Designer 
  • Look & Feel Development
  • Pitch Deck Design
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